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Why US

India is largest democratic nation in the world divided by caste, geo, area, issues, language etc. 

We at Election Plan understand the diversified beauty of our country. Every Election, Every Voter, Every State is different and we develop customized strategy to reach every voter utilizing power of the media they like the most. 

At Election Plan, our primary objective is to help you communicate and connect with your voter in an authentic and attention-grabbing way that helps define your ideology, break through the clutter and win on the Election Day. 

We have successfully demonstrated our political and election campaign management and strategy in recent assembly and general elections. We use creative and local strategy, cross-platform media combined with cutting edge advertising and technology, our team has expertise of designing and delivering all your communication to the end voter with following media: 

  • Survey and Analysis
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Campaign Design and Execution
  • Mass Outreach Media
  • Mobile Connect Programs
  • Digital Advertising and Social Media
  • Customized Political Events 
  • Youth Connect Programs
  • Women Connect Programs
  • Voter Influencer Network